Women of mvc

Bibles Studies

Women of MVC gather to study the bible, pray for one another and grow in Christ together. 

Study with Jen

Sunday (bi-weekly)
6:00 pm
In the fall, Jen will be starting her next study...more information coming soon. This group just wrapped up a study called "Better" by Jen Wilkin, focusing on the Book of Hebrews. They meet every other Sunday, during Youth Group. Jen enjoys connecting women to God's word and to each other. She looks forward to seeing you and your other sisters in Christ after the summer break.

Study with Becky

7:00 pm
In September, come join Becky and other ladies on Wednesday night, a little extra convenient for moms dropping their kids off at Awana. Wrapping up in April, they finished a study on the Book of James. Come back soon for what's next but expect a great study from RightNow Media. Bring your bible and notebook; no other books are needed. Becky welcomes you to fellowship and study God's word with her.

Study with Joanna

9:30 am to 11:00 am
Studies led by Joanna take place in the fall and the spring, with a break around the Holiday season. They meet Wednesdays; sometimes every other depending on the study. Currently, her group is studying Hebrews with a study called Better by Jen Wilkin. Her group really values the time spent in discussion, whether that is on the topic of the study or just our lives. The workbooks and videos serve as a catalyst to not only get us in the Word but to connect. Since most of this group have littles at home, they enjoy the added bonus of uninterrupted conversation! Speaking of little ones, childcare is offered.

Study with Ellen

9:30 am
Ellen leads a study that runs all year round but will take a week off for family vacation or poor winter weather. Her group is currently in 1 Peter studying the theme of "Hope in Difficult Times. " They will likely return to the old testament in1 Kings. They have completed Genesis through Ruth in order but went to the new testament for a change of pace. Ellen likes to have in-depth study, verse by verse, and concentrate on seeing things from a biblical perspective. These studies help face real life-which is also full of hard things. No homework, just show up with your Bible. The ladies here share prayer requests, talk about life, and go out for a monthly lunch.  You will find support here and learn to uphold one another in love and grace.

Secret Sister Ministry 

Please join us in September for the next round of the Secret Sister Ministry, led by Arlene. This is a fun way to encourage one another and even provide a fellow sister in Christ with gifts and letters throughout the year without revealing your identity. Any lady who joins will be matched with another lady in the congregation.  Forms will be available in the church lobby from August 7th to September 18th. As soon as you learn the identity of your secret sister, you may start leaving notes and items for her on the Secret Sister cart. Ladies in this group always feel loved and blessed to bring joy to someone else and receive the same love and blessing in return. The group ends in May with a luncheon and the identity of your Secret Sister will be revealed. 

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