We are made of dust, connected to this earth – like all the other creatures.
Yet we have sensed that we are somehow higher, greater, more accomplished than all the other creatures.
We think more efficiently, more creatively than any of them.
We have no claws, but we can mine water and minerals from the depths.
We have neither fins nor gills, but we navigate atop and beneath the waves.
We have no wings, but we fly.  We even soar into outer space.
We have the power to wipe out other species
– and to find ways to preserve them.
We master nature.  We manipulate it.  We mold it.
We are a part of nature, but we stretch beyond it.
We are something more.

From our position on the summit, surveying all we have conquered, we have come to believe we have been mistaken.  The sense that we are ‘higher’, made to strive for ‘something more’, is a fairy tale we concocted, a nonsensical lie ‘evolution’ planted in us to aid our survival.

From the summit we now see the truth.  We are mere beasts, like all the rest, and like them, we should be content with being beasts.  Our primitive form was our natural form, the right form.  As animals, we should follow our natural animal instincts and desires wherever they lead us.
Let us do as the beasts do and be the beasts that we are.  
Let us be ‘natural’, for to be ‘natural’ is to be “real”.

Stone by stone, we patiently dismantle our own creation – civilization – our forms of connecting, of socializing, even of mating -- demeaning what has been as ‘man-made’, ‘artificial’, not genuine, not natural.  Unnatural.

After struggling for millennia to emerge from the primordial muck, we have now turned around and are going back, believing we have moved away from our rightful place in nature.  Progress means retracing our steps back to the primitive.
Back the natural.  We are of nature, so let us be natural.  Let us be real.
All of this unnatural striving to be more than we are destroys us.

So the world says.  But Christmas says something else.

He became flesh and dwelt among us to make God known to the world.
There is something to stretch toward.  Someone to stretch toward.
The world did not know Him or acknowledge Him.
Claiming to be wise, they became fools, slouching toward the beasts
and back to the muck.

But to all who received Him,
who believed in His name,
He gave the right to become the children of God,
the children of majesty.




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