The average tourist is experiencing an artificial and perhaps superficial presentation designed to please him.  Travel allows us to avoid the exacting nature of real life:  loving our next-door neighbor.

How many of today’s acceptable practices will be considered immoral, abusive, or even criminal by future generations because of cultural and technological changes?  Our descendants will ask “How could they have done that?”, and no explanation will make sense to them because they haven’t lived in our time or known the world as it is now.

The San Diego Padres’ uniforms make them look like they work for UPS.

Climate change regulations will probably destroy us long before climate change will.

My son had me try the new chicken sandwiches at Burger King, which he felt were much better than Chick Fil A’s (which I enjoy).  I wasn’t impressed.  It made me wonder, “How often do we like new things because the new things are better, and how many times do we like new things because we’re just easily bored and want something different?”

Whenever my conservative viewpoint is described as “radical” or “extreme”, I remind myself that today the same would be said of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  And I feel fine in their company.

If there is no distinction at any point between what is legal and what is right, we are in danger.  The state has become God.
I remember a time before “the wave” and foam #1 fingers at sporting events.
The practice of “canceling” people is far more brutal and hateful than the Christian practice of excommunication.

One of the challenges of becoming old is patiently bearing your role as the butt of young peoples’ jokes.