The real division in America is over differences regarding who is the real enemy of our country that needs to be battled.

WWI toppled Europe’s monarchies and Europe scrambled to become “democratic”.  Many European thinkers favored a Marxist approach to democracy.
Marxists see the great evil in the world as inequality, and material inequality in particular.  The upper classes have more because they have exploited the lower classes.  The rich use their power and influence to steal from the poor – and according to Marxists that includes creating an entire value system that justifies stealing from the poor and teaches the poor that they have not been wronged.

Marxists propose that the solution is to create equality by the lower classes revolting against the rich, overthrowing them, and redistributing the wealth equally, thus making the world socially just.

In post-war Europe, Marxism didn’t work.  The workers wouldn’t revolt because they had it too good under western capitalist economies.  So, one group of Marxists (the Frankfurt School) suggested a different kind of revolution to bring about “social justice” – an overthrow of traditional culture.  They proposed what is called “critical theory” (of which critical race theory is but one branch).
It’s not hard to understand.  Simply point out, they say, the inequalities that exist in the “free world” and then insist that the inequalities are the unjust result of traditional “white European” culture – rich and powerful people exploiting poor ordinary people.  And then, they say, attack traditional culture.
Criticize traditional religion, its doctrines, values, and customs. Tear them down.
Criticize traditional marriage and family values and tear them down.
Criticize capitalism and free-markets and tear them down.
Criticize traditional law and freedoms and tear them all down.
Criticize America.  Ignore its blessings and successes and focus instead on its failures and inequalities.  Tear it down.  
Foment unrest and dissatisfaction.
Demand a better world, a fair world, a more just world, where everyone is equal.

Tear it down, the cultural Marxist says, through government power.  Replace all social loyalties with unity under government power.  All other social bonds – especially faith and family -- must be made subject to the government -- or be done away with.
If this sounds or feels familiar, it’s because we are living it – and many of us are fighting it.  Cultural Marxism isn’t the solution to the problem.  It is the problem.  It is the enemy.

The Frankfurt School has been slowly spreading its poison through American universities.  Its views are held, to some degree, by educated people.  It is the default vision of those in mainstream media.  And its dangerous ideas seem to be the regular proposals of the Democratic Party, especially of its progressive wing.

I do not see the destruction of traditional Christian and western values as a means of hope.  I see it creating dangerous chaos that makes the news every evening.

I do not see material equality as realistically achievable or even desirable.  It forces us all to be equal cogs in a machine and dangles the shallow diversity of skin color before us while crushing the more substantive diversity of thought.

Unity brought about by forced conformity to government demands is an oppressive nightmare, not a beautiful way of life.  Many who have lived under this Marxist dream have told their stories and they are hopeless and ugly.

That dream is the Tower of Babel all over again:  mankind certain he has the wherewithal to be God.  Many Christians have been misled before by these pretty lies, seeking to wed Marx to Christ.  History records the ugly outcome of these ventures, and we are foolish to stand with people willingly taken in by the syrupy sweet venom of a beast intent on the destruction of our Christian faith.

Men are sinners.  There are no perfect platforms and no perfect candidates.  But every Democratic candidate seems to espouse, to some degree, the nightmare of the cultural Marxists as their dream for a wonderful future.  Donald Trump and many Republicans, for all their glaring imperfections, have opposed it.

This, I believe, divides America – and Christian from Christian.  It cannot be otherwise.