The elders of Mountain View have decided that, in the interests of cooperating with the aims of public health officials and out of love for those who might be susceptible to very serious damage from the Chinese coronavirus (we have several in our congregation), we will cancel all services and ministries, beginning from Saturday, March 14 to Sunday, March 22. 

This will include youth group (including WHOOPS) and AWANA (including the Grand Prix), and all Bible studies and small group meetings. 

This is only a temporary measure to protect people we love. It will pass and things will return to normal. 

Pastor Chris will be preaching at 10.30 am on both Sundays so the message can be recorded and videocast online. Those who would like to be there to listen while the message is being recorded are welcome to come, but you are there at your own risk. There will be no nursery and no Sunday school (adult or children) and most likely no music. 

If you need ministry of any kind, please contact the church office or any of the elders or deacons. We continue to be available to try to meet your needs. 

We will keep everyone posted about our status on our Facebook pages, the website and the prayer chain.

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