As our church continues to grow and develop, we are challenged to ensure that our processes are aligned with our needs. The current procedure for deacon selection was developed and became part of our church constitution when the size, demands and challenges of our church were drastically different than they are today. The MVC Constitution currently states the following:

Excerpt from Mountain View Chapel Constitution Article VII.C.2:

  1. Deacons shall be chosen annually by the congregation and shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the elders. A deacon shall serve a two-year term.
  2. The elders shall determine the number of deacons who shall serve in a given year.

In interest of selecting deacons in a manner appropriate for the current and foreseeable needs of our church, the process below is being proposed as an amendment to the MVC Constitution for approval at the congregational meeting on January 26, 2020:

  1. Deacons shall submit nominations as a deacon board for candidates to join the board as deacons.
  2. Elders shall review the nominations submitted by the deacon board, determine eligibility and select candidates for presentation to the congregation in the annual congregational meeting.
  3. The congregation shall vote to confirm, or not confirm, the deacons who have been selected by the elders.
  4. Candidates who have been confirmed by majority vote by the congregation will be announced as having been “Confirmed.”
  5. Deacons shall be limited to a maximum of three consecutive two-year terms (six years total), and then must take a mandatory leave of one year.

Upon approval at the annual congregational meeting, the above process will be adopted into the MVC Constitution. Please feel free to contact an elder with any questions regarding the proposed process.






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