Due to many of the local parades closing and many communities most likely not participating in holiday activities this year, Mountain View Chapel will be holding a Trunk or Treat on 10/28 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Families may arrive any time during the designated hours. The Trunk or Treat will proceed in a line around the parking lot, with children stopping at individual cars or stations. Once a family is through the line the Trunk or Treat is over and there are no further activities.

In order to help us know how many will be attending and how many cars we will have please fill out the forms below.

Will you please consider participating in this event by decorating your car and handing out candy to the children? If you are able to come and decorate your car and hand out candy, or put together some kind of game or station that also hands out candy please register with this url. Note – this is open to anyone. You do not have to have children participating in the Trunk or Treat.

If you will be bringing your children or any of your children’s friends, please register with this url. This event is for children ages twelve and younger. Note – registration will be fluid. We are only trying to get a handle on how many children to expect and prepare for.

Vacation Bible School will be held June 22th to 26th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and is for 3 year olds through those leaving 6th grade. Please join us on Friday the 26th for dinner, closing program, and fun on the field with your whole family.

On Easter Sunday Pastor Chris will be preaching as well as conducting a communion service. Even though we are scattered and bound to our homes temporarily, we can remember the bond we share in Christ! In preparation for the service, please provide wine or grape juice (if you cannot obtain these, any beverage will be fine!) and Saltine crackers, matzo or another type of cracker or bread to use to share in communion in your home.
Please note that this service will be recorded, not live.
Governor Wolf has now added Berks County to "stay at home" order. This is in effect until April 6.

Although religious organizations are exempt, we will cooperate with the spirit and intent of the order and cancel all services up to and including Sunday, April 5. We will re-assess from there.

I am thankful for the few that came out to assist the videotaping for the past two Sundays, but would ask that we all comply with the stay-at-home order and DO NOT come to the videotaping this week. CHURCH WILL BE CLOSED.
We want to do our best to cooperate with Governor Wolf’s shutdown procedures as we attempt to arrest the spread of the coronavirus.

There is no service on Sunday, but I will be videotaping the sermon tomorrow morning at 10 am. Feel free to come and listen. Last week there were around 25 people spread throughout the auditorium and it worked nicely. This is just a videotaping session – no music, no nursery or children’s ministries.

The elders have decided to cancel all services through next Sunday, March 29, as well. There will be no Sunday service next week and no meetings in our buildings throughout the week, including AWANA. Some small groups may be meeting via a video format. Contact the leader of your group.

The work day, scheduled for April 4, has been postponed.

We are also cancelling our Good Friday service – a communion service.

Lord-willing we will be able to begin services again in April. We will continue to keep you posted.

If you have needs, don’t be afraid to reach out to our pastors, elders, and deacons via phone or email.

May God continue to protect us and work in and through us, despite these inconveniences!

Pastor Chris

The elders of Mountain View have decided that, in the interests of cooperating with the aims of public health officials and out of love for those who might be susceptible to very serious damage from the Chinese coronavirus (we have several in our congregation), we will cancel all services and ministries, beginning from Saturday, March 14 to Sunday, March 22. 

This will include youth group (including WHOOPS) and AWANA (including the Grand Prix), and all Bible studies and small group meetings. 

This is only a temporary measure to protect people we love. It will pass and things will return to normal. 

Pastor Chris will be preaching at 10.30 am on both Sundays so the message can be recorded and videocast online. Those who would like to be there to listen while the message is being recorded are welcome to come, but you are there at your own risk. There will be no nursery and no Sunday school (adult or children) and most likely no music. 

If you need ministry of any kind, please contact the church office or any of the elders or deacons. We continue to be available to try to meet your needs. 

We will keep everyone posted about our status on our Facebook pages, the website and the prayer chain.

Due to ice and fog, there will be no men's group this morning, February 1.

The Couples' Valentine’s Dinner will now be held on Saturday, February 22, at 6pm. The evening will include games, door prizes, lots of laughter and insight that will enrich your marriage. Dress is semi-casual. Each couple is asked to bring a dessert to share along with a copy of the recipe. Those on our mailing list should have received an email about the date change. Just reply to that email if you would like to attend the dinner. You may also sign up via the tear-off section of the bulletin and put it in the offering plate or the black box in the lobby. The cost for the event is $25 per couple and is due by February 16; please make checks payable to Lee Anne Walter.



A Miller-Keystone Blood Drive is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd from 3-7pm in our gym. Miller-Keystone now accepts donations from 16-year-olds with a signed permission slip from their parents. Walk-ins are welcome! 

As our church continues to grow and develop, we are challenged to ensure that our processes are aligned with our needs. The current procedure for deacon selection was developed and became part of our church constitution when the size, demands and challenges of our church were drastically different than they are today. The MVC Constitution currently states the following:

Excerpt from Mountain View Chapel Constitution Article VII.C.2:

  1. Deacons shall be chosen annually by the congregation and shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the elders. A deacon shall serve a two-year term.
  2. The elders shall determine the number of deacons who shall serve in a given year.

In interest of selecting deacons in a manner appropriate for the current and foreseeable needs of our church, the process below is being proposed as an amendment to the MVC Constitution for approval at the congregational meeting on January 26, 2020:

  1. Deacons shall submit nominations as a deacon board for candidates to join the board as deacons.
  2. Elders shall review the nominations submitted by the deacon board, determine eligibility and select candidates for presentation to the congregation in the annual congregational meeting.
  3. The congregation shall vote to confirm, or not confirm, the deacons who have been selected by the elders.
  4. Candidates who have been confirmed by majority vote by the congregation will be announced as having been “Confirmed.”
  5. Deacons shall be limited to a maximum of three consecutive two-year terms (six years total), and then must take a mandatory leave of one year.

Upon approval at the annual congregational meeting, the above process will be adopted into the MVC Constitution. Please feel free to contact an elder with any questions regarding the proposed process.






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