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-- Duty to humanity is easy compared to duty to your neighbor.

-- Ron Swanson, the caricature of a conservative on "Parks & Rec" once said, "History began on July 4, 1776. Everything before that was a mistake."  The more I hear progressives on the left, the more I am convinced that they would say same thing -- except their date would be March 4, 1933 – FDR’s inauguration.

-- What kind of memories will kids have who spend so much time every day merely playing video games?

-- I recently heard evangelical churches compromising with leftist politics referred to as “evan-jello-ism”.

-- Regarding YouTube videos like “Ten Interesting Facts about Darth Vader’s Suit That You Didn’t Know”:  They do understand Star Wars is fiction, right?

-- The cost of gender reveal parties is going up, since apparently you now have to hire a professional biologist.

-- When you read comments sections of social media it is clear that our society either approves of hate speech or doesn’t understand what it is.

-- I recently hit an indecisive squirrel with my car.  I kept going but glanced in my rearview to see the guy behind me swerve wildly to miss a dead squirrel.

-- My wife shared with me an article by a pediatric neurologist who was sounding the alarm about the awful state of children’s mental health.  After listing horrifying statistics about suicide for pre-pubescent and teenage children and skyrocketing mental illnesses among these age groups, this doctor provided a prescriptive solution:  less screen time and more active play, emotionally supportive parents, family dinners and meaningful conversation.  In short – everything that was common sense parenting in 1965.

-- Whenever someone says, “We still have a long way to go” regarding progress on a troublesome issue, we need to ask, “Exactly how far?”

-- Repentance doesn’t always come with anguish and tears.  I have often found myself coming to repentance with laughter at myself, my eyes having been opened to the absurdity of my own blind stupidity.

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