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We have a business issue to address at Mountain View’s annual business meeting at the end of January.  Rather than take announcement time trying to explain it I’m going to spell it out here.

When the church was founded in 1955 it was very small – perhaps 20-30 people and the original constitution appears to have been written with 20-30 people in mind.

One of the strange requirements – I’ve never seen it any other church constitution – is that the doctrinal statement can only be changed with 100% approval of the congregation.  That means everyone in the church must agree to any proposed change in the doctrinal statement, and that would include an addition by amendment.

Second, the entire constitution (not just the doctrinal statement) can be amended only at the annual business meeting.

The elders believe these two points in our constitution are impractical. 

First, given how quickly things often need to be done nowadays, there is no reason to limit amendments to the constitution only to the annual business meeting. 

We would like to amend the constitution to allow us to make changes at any business meeting called for the congregation.

Second, getting 20 people to agree on something in 1955 is a whole different story from getting 200 people in 2022! 

While we have no intentions of changing the points of our doctrinal statement, we believe it is impractical to expect changes to be approved by a unanimous vote of the congregation.  Far more likely than changing our doctrinal statement will be the need to add to the doctrinal statement by amendment to address issues that were not issues in 1955 when the church was founded.

The great British conservative, Edmund Burke, once said, “A state without some means of change, is without the means of its own conservation.”  The same is true of any institution, including churches.  If you want to survive, you have to be reasonably able to adapt to changing situations.

We believe the requirement for unanimous approval for changing (adding to) the doctrinal statement makes such adaptation too difficult. 

We would like to amend the constitution to allow changes to the doctrinal statement with a 2/3 supermajority of the congregation – more than a simple majority but not the impractical unanimity required.

We will be posting the actual text of the proposed amendments within the next two weeks on our Community Facebook page and on bulletin boards in the church.  We’d appreciate you taking the time to read those amendments (they are brief) and contact the elders or pastors with any questions.  And we’d encourage you to vote in favor of these two simple and practical changes to our constitution.

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