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We always told our children the absolute truth about Santa Claus – and they refused to believe us.

I refuse to kill spiders, ladybugs, or “thousand-leggers” (house centipedes).  They don’t consider eating me and they prefer to eat things that I don’t want around.

Sickness is a sin to those who worship good health.

Watching professional football was much easier to give up than I thought it would be.

“Expert” is a term related to knowledge, not “wisdom”.  Knowledge is bound up with particulars – knowing precisely how things work.  Wisdom is bound up with generalizations – knowing generally how people behave – and little, if anything, has changed about that in several millennia.

We hold ideals, not to be attained, but to provide direction and incentive to move forward.  If you attain your ideal, your standards are most likely too low.

Parenting (as I experienced it) was built on parental authority.  Authority is now perceived as an evil to be avoided.  Families are now far more democratic, and a child’s vote is equal to a parent’s.

The most effective lies are constructed almost entirely of facts.

America turned a corner with the election of 1912, favoring the progressives Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt over the conservative constitutionalist, William Howard Taft.  Today’s conservative movement seeks to remedy that mistake.

Most of life’s problems are managed, not solved.  “Solutions” usually produce additional problems, often unintended and unanticipated.  This isn’t because of stupidity or faulty decision-making.  It’s just how normal life works.

Don’t waste too much time on seeking a perfect solution.  Perfect solutions rarely exist.  Decide and act.  Deciding takes your life out of neutral and puts it in drive.  Deciding sets up the next set of decisions.  This is how normal life works.

People today complain about our forefathers’ handling of the native Americans and of slavery.  But I’ve not yet heard workable proposals that would have satisfactorily solved either problem.  Freeing the slaves instantly produced millions of homeless, jobless people; we still don’t know how to fix joblessness or homelessness.  And in the world at large, more technologically advanced cultures still have not figured out how to co-exist directly with less technologically advanced cultures without crushing them or radically altering their nature.

One of the most sobering things about aging is coming to grips with the fact that your body, despite your best efforts, has a mind of its own.

Living “naturally” often seems to mean returning to things our forefathers abandoned because they didn’t work.

When we had children, we failed to consider how many grandchildren might be produced and how that would affect our family gatherings.

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