There is one God:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
God created all things;
God created man in his image, male and female,
to rule His creation and to glorify, love, and obey God.
And all of us, male and female, have refused to glorify, love, and obey God.

God is just to judge our sin; 
and God is merciful to forgive our sin.
To save us, He sent the Son, the Christ promised by the prophets,
          to be born of the Virgin Mary,
          to bear witness to the truth
          to make known the one true God;
          to be seen, heard, and rejected in the world;
          to be condemned under Pontius Pilate;
He was crucified, died, and was buried;
He was raised the third day
He was seen by witnesses.

The Son has glorified the Father, loved the Father, and obeyed the Father;
He ascended to heaven and at the Father’s side rules creation
          the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
          the Savior and Head of the Church.

We are the Church, His body in the world:
          We are forgiven of sin through faith in the risen Son.
          We are united with the Son and united with each other by His Holy Spirit;
          and by the power of His Holy Spirit we bear witness to the truth, as it is in Jesus.

We believe that Christ will come again, that the dead will be raised,
that everyone, living or dead, will stand before God to be judged,
and that at last the will of God done will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This is our faith, our hope, and our joy.