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Social connection – friendship – friendliness.  Winning people to connection with you and/or your circle of friends is the first step in leading them to Christ.

Traditional evangelicals sometimes struggle with this idea because it seems to lack urgency.  Building relationships takes time – and what if this person dies tonight without hearing the gospel?  Wouldn’t it just be better to tell them the message?  Won’t it be my fault?

For starters, you’re not the Savior.  God is.  God WANTS to save people.  He isn’t willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3.9).

This, I think, is the proper place for a robust belief that God is in charge and knows what He is doing.  God loves lost souls far more than you or I ever could, but He still wins them through normal means rather than miracles.

Of course, if He’s going to do a miracle, that’s up to Him.  You and I have no control over that.  If He does one – great – and I’ll gladly work within that context.  If He doesn’t – then what else am I left with but to carry on in normal fashion?

Is it socially normal to expect non-religious people to respond to religious messages shouted at them by strangers in non-religious contexts?  How receptive are YOU when Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons are canvassing your neighborhood?  Are you peering through the curtains because you’re overcome with excitement and can’t wait till they get to your door so you can convert – or are you peering through the curtains so you know exactly when is the best time to hide and pretend you’re not home?

Neither Jesus nor the apostles seemed to operate out of a sense of urgency.  They operated out of a sense of commitment to their calling, and they operated within the confines of what was appropriate communication in their social context.  They acted in ways that people at the time considered ‘normal’.  They encountered opposition to their message, but not their method – at least as far as I can tell.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t times for urgency.  I have whispered the gospel into the ear of someone in the ICU who was too weak to respond verbally and asked them to squeeze my hand to respond.  But that method was fitting to the context, not only in my mind, but in theirs and their family’s as well.

Trust God’s sense of urgency – and relax.

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