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I recently observed a conversation between Christians about a particular sin that is prominent in American culture.  The first Christian stated that it was a sin.  Several other Christians responded that this was an expression of hate, a lack of love and compassion, and that the good news should be shared and – and this was the statement that got my attention – “the message of right and wrong isn’t the good news.”

That’s not the first time I’ve heard an evangelical say that Christianity is not about morality.  And that always leaves me dumbstruck. 

How is the gospel not about right and wrong?  “Right and wrong” is the only backdrop against which the good news can be rightly understood.

‘Right’ is life lived in line with God’s heart and God’s truth – what God wants.  Sin is our insistence that what God wants is irrelevant.  I make the rules.  When we blindly trust and follow our own hearts in this way, we go wrong and do wrong.

Until we see that we have gone wrong, why should we feel a need to be rescued or a need for a rescuer? 

Put another way, if we can’t see our illness, why would we ever go to the doctor?  But our situation is worse.  Not only do we not recognize our illness – we often think our illness is actually ‘health’ and our blindness is ‘sight’!  Worse still, everybody around us agrees with our diagnosis of ourselves as healthy (not ill) and seeing just fine (not blind).

Except for that Christian over there who has it all turned around backwards.

Oh…no…wait.  There are two…no, two hundred Christians.

No, wait.  A whole sub-culture of Christians who are living with a totally different view of the world, a totally different approach to things…

And they love one another!

Can you see how this is supposed to work in theory?
Can you see how the church, living as a loving body, an alternate society, is intended to be a powerful evangelistic tool?
And how devastating is it to the cause of the message of Jesus when the church DOESN'T see this?

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