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When dead orthodoxy stagnated the Church of England, God breathed life into it through John & Charles Wesley and George Whitefield, the founders of Methodism.

Whitefield was renowned as a preacher, but he was a terrible administrator.  John Wesley was an adequate preacher, but a much better administrator and organizer.  Whitefield’s branch of Methodism never quite got off the ground, and Methodism has been dominated by Wesleyan thinking.

I often feel a kinship with Whitefield.  People respond and seem to learn when I preach and teach.  But I am not a gifted organizer or administrator.  I have seen lives rescued, restored, and built up – but I feel I have done a poor job constructing an organization – an effectively functioning and coherent body of believers.  I am simply not gifted for that.  I am rejoicing that others have seen that and are taking up that work, and may God continue to bless our church in days to come through them!

My opening blog of the year (“Windshields and Mirrors”) was dedicated to that challenge – building for the future.  Where are we going?  Given the things taking place in our society it is even more pressing, I think.

As of June 2021, our church will have been in existence for 66 years; I will have been the pastor for 39 of those years.  The years before me were a rollercoaster in the church’s life; there were blessings but when I read the old minutes there seems to have been a good bit of infighting and inability to pay bills and struggles with a few bad eggs for pastors.  The pastor that immediately preceded me told me he was trying to shuttle people gently to other churches and quietly close the doors and lay the church to rest. 

God had other plans.

I have invested my life trying to clean up past messes, straighten out confusions, and lay a foundation in biblical truth for a better future.  My hope is that future generations will not abandon that foundational concept.  We must always be about understanding the revelation of truth in God’s Word and applying it to our lives in this ever-changing world. 

There are many other things to be done.  Ministry – serving – is a lot broader than just solid biblical teaching.  But ministry without solid biblical teaching at its core is just “social work” or “philanthropy” – and without Christ it will lose its direction.

The Wesley’s organized well, but much of Methodism has been blown off-course these days, away from an adherence to biblical truth.  The winds that seek to detach us from our moorings in the truth seem to blow fiercely and relentlessly.

Faithfulness to the truth requires great effort and constant attention.

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