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Over the past four years a growing part of my job has been viewing videos sent by people who want to know whether the things in them are true or not.  They are usually videos produced by conservative people, often conservative religious people, that claim to have “secret information” about a political topic from sources that go unrevealed.

Quite a few folks sent me the “My Pillow” guy, Mike Lindell’s, two-hour video “Absolute Proof” about the stealing of the 2020 election.  I watched the whole thing, and I am still waiting for the “absolute proof” part.

Lindell proposes a complex hacking of the 2020 election by the Chinese to install Biden as President.  What I wanted to know the entire time was:  How did a pillow manufacturer get all this complex technical and politically sensitive information?

I kept rewinding the video, trying to find the source of Lindell’s charts so I could verify the information he was providing.  Sources were lacking.  Lindell just posted a chart and said “This is an election audit” or “This is a computer presentation of the hackers at work during the election” – and I was supposed to take his word for it.

Lindell seems like a genuinely nice and sincere guy.  If you don’t provide sources – if I can’t trace your work back to a credible eyewitness – you broke one of the first rules of good journalism and good research.  The most that can be said is that your case is interesting, but not yet proven.  Give me more and better information – and tell me where you got it and from whom.

Without eyewitnesses, evidence is just hearsay, and most of us learned that hearsay is unreliable playing “Whispering Down the Lane” as children.  Hearsay is only credible evidence for gossip columns, tabloids, and junior high girls.

The court of public opinion has a very low bar for what constitutes reliable evidence.  That is why politicians – regardless of party – like to appeal to it.  

If we’re interested in truth -- as Christians should be -- we need to be more demanding about what constitutes the truth.  We need to check and doublecheck our sources and our information.  Where did it come from?  Who said it and to whom and under what circumstances?  Why and in what context did they say it?  Do we have the whole story or was something ripped out of context?  We need to be relentless about confirming the truth -- not just accepting what we're told because it’s what we want to hear.

More than once I have chided people about the need to confirm sources lest they spread false information, and more than once I have received the response (even from professing Christians) “What does it matter?”

The truth always matters.  Only the father of lies doesn’t think so.

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