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It’s amazing how one day can change things.

Last week I wrote about where we want to go with our church in the days to come.  I figured it would get more difficult with Democrats controlling things.  But the riot in the Capitol building and the way it is being interpreted and responded to seems to have set the United States into a death spiral.

I believe the nation will eventually pull out of it, but I believe that a few radicals have done incalculable damage to the great bulk of conservative citizens who are as shocked and angry at what was done as anyone on the left.

The riot has confirmed the left’s conspiracy theories and will deepen their already deep paranoid suspicions.  One wrong word uttered by a conservative from the ever-growing list of banned words will set off the hair-trigger sensors that danger is approaching . . . and it’s holding a Bible.

This will make our road forward rougher and our climb steeper.  But it doesn’t change who we are or what we’re called to be and to do.  I’m not only counting on it making us stronger in the long run;  I also believe that it may open even more doors for the gospel.

The new government isn’t going to make us disappear or use brute force against us the way the Chinese communists do.  It’s more likely they will do more of what they are doing now – broadbrush all conservatives as violent rioters and thus publicly shame us into silence, censor us and shut us down for trivial reasons, drive us off social media platforms, and perhaps start regulating us to make life difficult and expensive.  A slow choking rather than a sudden blow.

It may hurt badly initially.  We will have to pull together with all the strength and love for each other that we can muster when the challenges get a head of steam. 

But I’m guessing and hoping that someone will see there is money to be made in alternate social media platforms and will rush to fill the void and we will have a whole new host of places to go to connect and share.

I’m also thinking that there are still enough sensible people who will eventually perceive the lopsidedness of the “justice” being doled out and will move to slow it or stop it.  The ACLU has already expressed concern about the censorship of the President, and the Chinese communist news has expressed shock that those who believe in free speech are working so hard to suppress it.  The Chinese are also having a field day mocking Speaker Pelosi, who called the Hong Kong riots a “beautiful thing”;  they are now asking why she doesn’t find the Capitol riots a “beautiful thing”.

The left may just overstep its bounds, and perhaps that will open hearts and ears to who we really are and what we really believe – rather than the caricatures of us that are being put out by the media.

We are required to be faithful – not to succeed.

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