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Recently the elders asked me if I had given any thought to my retirement or my “exit strategy”.  I joked and asked if they were trying to get rid of me.  After the chuckles subsided, we had a conversation about the future of the church – because it is important for the elders to think about as we plot our direction.  I think it’s important for our people to think about too.

First -- I’m not dying, retiring, and or leaving.  I plan to lead this congregation so long as God gives me the health and strength to do so, and so long as the congregation will have me.  But I’m not a young man anymore.  My body knows it’s seen sixty years, and my soul sometimes feels like it’s seen even more. 

There’s now more of the road in my rearview mirror than in the windshield, and the car isn’t stopping.  It isn’t slowing down either.  Someone keeps pressing harder on the accelerator every year, it seems.  And the trip is heading into unfamiliar and almost uncharted territory.  When that starts happening, your gaze starts shifting up to the rearview mirror, finding comfort in the familiar.

Time doesn’t go in reverse and neither does the trip.  It goes forward into the unfamiliar.  It starts to all seem so irrelevant – not because the trip is, but because you yourself are.

You become very conscious that the trip will go on without you, and you start thinking about what your life meant, and what you are passing on to those who will be driving the next leg of the journey.

I don’t know where this year’s blog will take me, but this is where I’m going to start.  Looking forward.  Looking at where YOU all might go when I can’t make the trip anymore.

Most of the plans I had for my life never came to fruition.  God’s providence dropped me into a tiny church that was on life support, and He healed its troubled past and restored its life.  He made it something its founders didn’t imagine it would be. 

I don’t believe this work was done only to wither when I left the scene.  I am confident a foundation was laid for tomorrow, and Mountain View will outlive me and blossom further.

So where do you think this church will go in the next twenty years?
Where do you want it to go?

What will it be when YOU are forty or fifty or sixty?
What do you want it to be?

We can explore that that sort of thing now, can’t we, without feeling morbid?

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