…If you hope to accomplish something, better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission, better an oops than a what-if.

…The world has never been a level playing field.  Inequality is the fabric of nature.

…You can’t unite people around the mere idea of unity, merely for the sake of unity, without addressing the things that divide them in the first place.

…Americans up until the Civil War compromised on slavery and avoided abolitionists as divisive radicals.  But abolitionism was a good divisiveness; the compromise allowing the existence of slavery was the evil.  There is a time to be divisive.

…Indecisive people are afraid of making mistakes, but their biggest mistake is to believe in the existence of flawless decisions.  Every decision has a downside -- a cost to gain the benefits -- and the downside sets up your next set of decisions.  That’s how reality works.

...Death is inevitable, and the normal processes of living create the conditions that make dying possible, rendering the plea "if it saves just one life" sentimentalist nonsense.

…If gender is something you can choose, what is feminism fighting for?

…In the earliest stage of the shutdown, Governor Wolf and his experts determined that cement companies were essential but the quarries providing the gravel necessary to make cement were not essential.  This is the only commentary necessary regarding socialism and central government planning.

…Is it better to avoid the news and be uninformed, or to attend to it and be misinformed?

…We often speak of great historical personages rolling over in their graves.  But I think many of the truly great people of the past, if they understood the changes in the world since their time, would appreciate the complexity of the struggles we face in ours -- and would prefer to remain face-up and at rest in their graves.

…I’ll believe it is vital to public health to wear little cloth masks when scientists in the virus labs exchange their space-suit paraphernalia for little cloth masks.

…“We’re all in this together” and “We’re all alone together” are slogans from 2020 that have likely been offered as empty comfort to citizens of hell.

…There is a fine line between contentment and laziness.

…The most difficult challenge of ministry is investing quality time and personal interest in others that would otherwise go to your wife and children, and then to have that investment appear stolen or wasted.