Throughout the scourge of the pandemic God has continued to bless our church with growth.  Growth must be handled, so let me update you on some of the things that we’re working on.

For starters, let’s talk about the Neighborhood Plan.  Some of you might wonder what’s going on with that.  The Neighborhood Plan was merely a concept in my head; we put it out there to BEGIN getting you all acquainted with the idea and to start intentionally connecting.
The Neighborhood Plan is TOO BIG an undertaking for me to oversee in detail alone.  We need to add another staff member.  So, we’ve developed a job description for a new position:  Pastor of Congregational Life.  He will develop the Neighborhood Plan and shepherd “connections” within the congregation.  He’s going to have to be an outgoing people person and a good organizer and overseer of people.  If you know of anyone that might fit this position, contact Pastor Chris.

A second “good problem” we have is insufficient parking and increasingly insufficient classroom space for some of our children’s ministries.  We are looking into the following options to manage these challenges.

Adding on to our present building and expanding parking
Our leadership team has met with a ministry specializing in helping churches develop their property efficiently.  We’re still in the conceptual phases of that project.  More information should be forthcoming sometime in 2023.

Going to two services
This is a common interim step to handle growth.  The challenge is doubling almost everything:  nursery workers, Sunday School teachers, worship team and sound room, and safety team.
You also have to find a time slot that works well.  Lord-willing I’ll be sending out a survey on this question in the near future.

Developing a second campus and live streaming the service there
A second campus/building has the same challenges as two services EXCEPT that both services can be held at the same time in both locations.  I would preach at our present location and the sermon would be livestreamed to the second location.  Not ideal, but many churches do it.

Planting a second church with its own pastor
This option a second “everything”, including a second pastor.  It also requires a group of people willing to leave our present church and start a new one under a new pastor.  We haven’t explored this option as it is the most complicated, but we know it’s a possibility for managing our growth.

So…these are the things that are being explored and discussed on our leadership team.  I’m happy to receive any suggestions or questions, but please communicate PRIVATELY (email, text, FB messenger) and not in the public comments section of any of our social media. 😊

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  May your turkey be moist!